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Home Garden Tour

Our 2011 Home Garden Tour featured small in-town gardens within walking distance, that honor and encourage local home gardeners to reduce our carbon footprint. WELL has been encouraging home gardens as part of building local food security. Just as “victory gardens” were promoted during World War II, we’d like to see Willits become more self-sufficient, less dependent on importing food and other necessities, in the event of an emergency or shortages. Listed below are 8 of 16 gardens on our August 27th, 2011 WELL 6th Annual Garden Tour of Edible Gardens:

Craig and Joy Clatty

Shared Garden: Carol Cox, Patrick Charlson, Victor & Norma Hanson

Victor & Norma Hanson

David & Ursua Partch

Antonia Partridge

Louis & Sally Rohlicek

Erin Shin

Anne Brigit Waters & Richard Jergenson

Additionally on August 27th, our local Senior Center Garden was open for touring accompanied by hammer dulcimer music in addition to an indoor Harvest Tastes of the Garden.

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